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I feel so glad Apple removed this not! I had 8 pages of permission repairs.. Who needs to see any of that! Exercising the demons from Mac OS X I think the real reason they removed Repair Permissions is that , among all the other things that have been getting screwed up in the operating system, it was getting to the point that instead of there occasionally being a few things that got repaired it has now for a long time been common for there to be an endless list of repairs that takes forever and just keeps coming back every time you run it.

It makes the unaccustomed user very nervous. Those who have seen it over and over, we were just getting used to grunting and gritting our teeth. My problem is that every time I try to open Adobe Photoshop I get stopped by a message titled. Restart your computer and re-launch the product.

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  3. How-To Fix Corrupt User Accounts in macOS.

If this problem still occurs after restarting, contact Customer Support for further assistance, and mention the error code shown at the bottom of this screen … ERROR After unsuccessfully trying to sort this problem with Adobe chat, the final suggestion was to create another user account and then try to activate it. I set up new user account but still had same message, Then used safe mode — still same message with photoshop.

How-To Fix Corrupt User Accounts in macOS

So I uninstalled the cd of Photoshop CS5, and opted to subscribe to Adobe creative cloud on a monthly basis. I got the same error message so could not open Photoshop, had to get money refunded. I have been using Photoshop for 15 years, to make the prints that I was selling. I have had online chats with Apple and with Adobe, but not yet found anybody who can enable me to open Photoshop. I have put my query to many forums, but am at a total loss what to do next. Future OS X releases may eventually just have a green Fix button once they simplify it so much.

Even if the fix was a placebo, why not leave it if it makes people feel like they did something to help their problem. A fine example of fixing something that was not broken and reducing ease of use. Another option is to use the old Disk Utility from Yosemite to repair permissions. It still works on El Capitan. I was wrong. The comments that Repair Permissions is always unnecessary is not true — as any Digital Performer user can tell you even in Yosemite. Certain builds of Finale required it too. Just one of those things. I like Onyx and Cocktail but not for the reasons one might think.

Neither actually fix anything but they do allow people to so totally screw up their systems that I get to charge for my time to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. DiskWarrior just does nothing except take your money and waste your time. DW does nothing?

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Are you a Windoze troll? Unbelievable… unless you like charging people for manually trying, and failing, to put things right! How about it bringing up dying drives in Preview mode so that data can be recovered with a minimum of time and effort? I fear for anyone unfortunate enough to have your inept and incompetent self bumbling through their system then slapping them with a hefty bill for your confused tinkering under the guise of a repair tech. Please leave computers alone and go back to your job writing those irrational and illogical furniture assembly manuals we do love so much.

Instead, they are info only. These will not be repaired as there is nothing to repair. SUID, for example. A quick way to repair file permissions in OSX El Capitan is to manually download the latest OS update from apple, and install it or re-install it. Any permission that the tools reports as incorrect indicates that there is a security hole for the jail-breakers and malware authors of this world to drive a bus through.

Whatever mechanism bypassed SIP enough to alter permissions to an incorrect value is potentially something that can be exploited. No possible way? What about target disk mode? Bottom line is this utility can still useful in some situations, and having it available does no harm if you never end up needing it. Not unlike the Windows Registry. Thank you guys!

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  • I got a strange effect after latest update to el cappitan Since then middle row on the keyboard stopped working. Apple Support was useless as always.

    I had the same problem with yosemite, but there were only couple of keys. So repairing permissions helped to solve it. But in el capitan it is a little bit complicated. So your advice is the cure! Thank you very much. By the way, Onyx did not work, Clearmy mac3 too and other b soft as well. Be very careful with this command. I ran the command and permissions were changed on my Canon scanner. I had to fully uninstall my Canon scanner and then reinstall it again.

    I would love to see an answer. I rarely want to protect a document beyond a log-in as a user. Ok the answer to the second part is obviously yes, but in the context of the Mac, not the universe. File permissions are set by the user, by apps, by the system, etc.

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    Cocktail Another useful utility, venerable, frequently updated, checks and repairs permissions on El Cap. Even easier is to use OnyX. Thank you for the Onyx tip. That would be nice to know.

    Using Disk Utility To Repair Permissions/Perform First Aid on Mac – Serato Support

    Repairing disk permissions is really only needed if you have just installed and uninstalled a whole bunch of stuff, never really necessary beyond that in my experience. I disagree. Dozens of times I ran across folders, files etc. Used the permissions repair to take care of the problem each time.

    I just plugged that line above into terminal and a big warning came up about improper use of SUDO could cause all kinds of problems. Well sure, if you just installed and uninstalled a whole bunch of stuff. Jeez get over yourself.

    Really, the function lost its utility ages ago when we stopped running Classic, and old apps running in the Blue Box stomped on permissions without knowing any better. But by all means, fire up the terminal in El Capitan and repair away. Until you try and run a Hackintosh and you need to repair permissions and rebuild the kernel cache. Lets not forget mounting EFI partitions and a slew of other things that are handy to power users. I have to seriously disagree with all of the comments that claim repairing permissions does nothing. I have seen hundreds of Macs that have been reduced to a crawl because of permissions problems, most of which look completely irrelevant at the time.

    Understanding disk permissions in OS X

    So when Macs speed up as a direct result of repairing permissions there is no doubt at all that it has an important function. Every file and folder on your Mac comes with an associated set of permissions. From the Apple Community:.