Erase mac hard drive security options greyed out

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  1. How to Resize or Merge Partitions on Mac?
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Any ideas? Or should I just resort to a hammer or big magnet?

Posted on Dec 22, PM. In the same pref pane highlight your old account, click the little minus icon, then use Disk Utility to Secure Erase Free Space. If that is your startup disk you cannot erase it, you need to start up from an external bootable drive.

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Dec 23, AM. Did you receive the install DVD with this Mac. They are part of the Mac and should be included with it. You should be able to erase the disk drive and reinstall the operating system. Page content loaded.

How to fix Macintosh HD greyed out in Disk Utility?

Dec 22, PM. Good idea but I didn't have the disk.

I had another OS X disk but I couldn't get the machine to boot from it for some reason. Anyway the other solution seems to do the trick, thanks. Although, I have to confess part of me was kind of looking forward to smashing a computer Step 1: Open Applications folder and switch to Utilities folder. Step 6: Wait till your drive gets erased and encrypted. It takes time, depending on type, size, and speed of the drive.

How to Resize or Merge Partitions on Mac?

Step 9: Hit the OK button and wait until completion of the process. Skip to content. Apart from the above-mentioned feature, partitioning will also provide easier and better data organization, and you will be able to share the Photo library between more than one user accounts too. Keep one thing always in mind that you back up your data prior partitioning the drive otherwise you might have a risk of losing data. Before you learn how to merge or resize partitions in Mac, it is vital that you know the basic rules of resizing and merging the partitions on Mac.

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If you follow these rules, it will be easy to resize and merge the partitions. The basic procedure on Mac partition resizing is given below:. And there you will have a resized Mac partition. But before you carry out the steps, create a backup with Time Machine or some other method.

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In case you are trying to resize Windows partition on Mac, you will have to use the Mac BootCamp assistant to resize the partition. Sometimes, when the users are performing merging or resizing operations, the Disk Utility grays out and stop responding. As a result, you will be unable to resize or merge partition on Mac.

Thus, you will need to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

If you are experiencing the same situation, then you will have to boot the Mac in Recovery Mode. But you still have chances to repair it and get the lost data back on your device. So, you will have to mount the drive manually. Hopefully, this will fix the problem.

As the problems are common, it is also common to lose data during these operations. Thus, you will also need a tool that can recover lost data from Mac too. What if you end up losing data after performing Ma OS X resize partition? Keep in mind that resizing partition is quite risky and may lead to data loss if you met with incorrect operations or interruptions to the hard drive. Errors such as not sufficient memory or unexpected termination can make your drive inaccessible and as a result, you can lose your data.

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When it comes to finding reliable and powerful data recovery for Mac, your hard search ends at Recoverit Data Recovery software. You can use this tool to get back your lost data within a few minutes. It is one of among those data recovery tools that have a high success rate. The software is efficient enough to recover data under several data loss situations, such as accidental deletion, formatting hard drive, repartitioning, system crash, virus attack, etc. It can help you to retrieve various file types, such as photos, videos, documents, emails, audios, etc without much hassle.

You can get the Mac desktop folder or any other content back using Recoverit by following these steps. To commence the process, run the software and next, you need to select hard drive location from where data is lost on your Mac. Next, the software will perform an All-around scan to look for lost files or data in the selected drive location. Here, wait for a few minutes until the scan completes. After the scan completes, you can preview the recovered lost files and select the desired files you want to recover.